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Newco KLM-F01 6.5L Mini Fridge 782320

Newco KLM-F01 6.5L Mini Fridge 782320 Zoom

Newco KLM-F01 6.5L Mini Fridge 782320

Newco KLM-F01 6.5L Mini Fridge

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SKU: 782320
Brand Newco
Product Description


    The Newco Mini fridge is a stylish and convenient way to keep your milk cool and displayed right next your Café Espresso Coffee machine. Keeping milk at the right temperature is crucial in the world of coffee. We all know, milk will spoil quickly if not kept cold. Did you know warm milk produces lesser quality milk foam? That is why we offer a separate milk fridge for use with your Cafe Espresso unit which is also ideal for small office machines.

    The Newco milk fridge has a 6.5L capacity and is roomy enough to hold one 1/2 gallon of milk. Having a small footprint, along with it’s powerful cooling ability which keeps milk at 12-20C below the ambient temperature are great reasons you need one next to any bean to cup brewer. Also designed with a small tube hole on the upper left side which makes for easy remote service to your milk for the Cafe Espresso brewer.

    Included: (1) 110V cord and (1) car charging cable.

  1. Full polyurthane-foam lining without CFC (chlorofluorocarbon).
  2. Cooling performance up to 12-20C below ambient temperature.
  3. Non-wearing thermoelectric for longevity.
  4. High-performance fan for continuous operation.
  5. Compact and ready for your countertop while still giving you ample room for refrigeration.
  6. Up to 6.5L Capacity (fits a half gallon of milk or the thermos provided with the Cafe Espresso Machine).
  7. Comes with long milk tube
  8. A small hole on the left side for remote access of tubing for use with our Cafe Espresso Coffee machines.

    Electrical: 12V, 40W, 3.3A

    Dimensions: 13" H x 8.4" W x 10.8" D
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Newco
    Product # 782320
    Condition New
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