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Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea - 1/2 lb. Bag

Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea - 1/2 lb. Bag

Loose leaf green tea.
Product Description


    Japanese Genmaicha tea is an incredible example of the art of tea, and is a perfect tea for those new to green tea. Its young leaves are harvested from carefully tended to tea bushes. Puffs of roasted, hulled rice are then added giving the appearance of "popcorn tea". The name Genmaicha actually translates to "brown rice tea." The cup is full bodied and sweet with a delicious toasty flavor.

    How did this strange combination of tea and rice come about? Legend has it that in the 1400's, while serving hot tea to a samurai warlord, a servant named Genamai leaned to far forward and the rice snack in his pocket fell into the samurai's tea. To their surprise, popping commenced upon the rice falling into the near boiling water. Intrigued, the samurai tasted the tea and was overwhelmed with delight in the new found flavor. He then named the tea after Genmai and it was to be served every day thereafter. Now you too can enjoy Genmaicha as an everyday tea, in the afternoon or evening and savor its delicate flavor.

    This gourmet green tea is exceptionally popular with the Japanese children with an after school snack, especially because it is naturally lower in caffeine than most green teas. Homeopathic Asian and Indian healers have used Genmaicha tea along with most all green teas, for centuries. This tea can help to regulate blood sugar, enhance mental performance, and improve bone mineral density and so much more! It's not a hand full of pills, it's a beautiful fusion of science and nature, Mother Earth’s very best.

    It is suggested that you use 1 heaping teaspoon per 6oz of fresh water. Start with cool water and cook to the point you see steam rise. Add tea at that point and steep 1-2 minutes until your tea displays gorgeous brownish yellow liquor.

    Japanese Genmaicha gourmet green tea is in loose-leaf form.
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    Additional Information

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