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Organic Peru 'Andes Gold' Coffee - 1 lb. Bag

Organic Peru 'Andes Gold' Coffee - 1 lb. Bag

With this delightful organic coffee, you will experience mild acidity, a light to medium body with a full and aromatic flavor.

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    Being that the only commercial crop in this region of Peru is coffee, you can be sure that every effort is made to insure it will be outstanding. This flavorful cup is mildly acidic and has a clean light to medium body. Its aroma is inviting, and its body is full of flavor. It will continue to delight you with its slightly sweet, nutty finish with no lingering after taste. Andes Gold Coffee from the northwestern slopes of the Andes mountains in Peru is certified organic.

    The people of Peru have been growing coffee organically for quite some time. They are both USDA and OCIA certified, and they are strictly monitored by quality control from the local export companies prior to moving the product to North America and Europe. Most of the local plantations are less than one acre and are family run. With most Peruvians having large families, few live stock, and a small fruit crop there is plenty of time to tend to the coffee crop.

    Harvest occurs between the months of May through October, of course you have to remember that each cherry ripens on its own time, so the tree needs to be gone over several times before all of the harvest has been picked. This is the perfect scenerio to show why Peruvian coffee can be so good! Small plots and tedious labor intensive work done properly makes for a perfect cup time and time again.

    Andes Gold coffee growing communities are on the edge of the Amazon jungle and border the Andes mountains. They are eight to ten hours out from the northern coast, and the rugged terrain makes it extremely difficult to transport their harvested coffee. In the end, the timely harvest, the organic efforts, and even the long difficult haul to the port make it all worth it. With it's outstanding taste, Organic Peru Andes Gold is just that, gold in your coffee cup.

    Your Organic Peru Andes Gold will ship in a heat sealed valve bag to ensure freshness. It will have been roasted just hours after you placed your order and shipped immediately after. Enjoy this delightful gourmet coffee that is sure to please all your senses!
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