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Newco Cold Brew Kit, Single Chamber, 3 Gallon 104244

Newco Cold Brew Kit, Single Chamber, 3 Gallon 104244

Cold Brew Kit, Single Chamber, 3 Gallon
SKU: 104244
Brand Newco
Product Description


    One of the latest trends catching the world by storm and every convenient store in it’s path......Cold Coffee.

    The preparation of Cold Brew Coffee requires several hours. The coffee is infused with cold water, which permeates the coffee particles releasing the most pleasant flavors of the coffee without over extraction. Time and water contact result in one of the most popular beverages in the market. The coffee can be served Black or with a variety of flavoring, sweeteners and milks.

    Newco’s COLD BREW system is designed to allow for the ease of preparation using soft Coffee Pods which retain the coffees and allow the penetration of water through the Pod. This method of preparation offers a very easy system eliminating difficult cleaning requirements of the traditional system. The Coffee System includes a sieve pod container which is designed to fit into the dispenser to hold the coffee pods or packet of coffee and allow easy removal and refilling. All of the dispensers have a lid designed to maintain sanitation of the coffee in the dispensers.

    Kit Includes:
    805150 Sieve, Single Chamber
    103971 Lid, Ice Bucket
    110391 Dispenser, Slim, 3 Gallon with Stand
    401615 Label, for Dispenser (reads: COLD BREW COFFEE)

    Dimensions: 20.75" H x 8" W x 17" D
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Newco
    Product # 104244
    Condition New
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