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Marrakesh Coffee Blend - 1 lb. Bag

Marrakesh Coffee Blend - 1 lb. Bag

Freshly roasted daily to order. 100% Arabica Coffee

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    Walking on the red clay cobblestone around the Marrakesh market in Morocco, I fully expect Indiana Jones to pop around the corner at any moment. From where I stand, in the distance I see the Atlas Mountains with its peaks covered in snow, looking like ice cream cones that have been perfectly dipped. But its what is in front of me, and all around me for as far as I can see, that I find so intriguing.

    This traditional Moroccan market is the largest and busiest in the world. There is nothing you won't find here and whether you are buying, selling or bartering everyone is full of anticipation looking for the next bidding war. Dancers in bright costumes snake their way through the crowds while keeping time with bongo beats and flutes...musical sounds that seem to come from everywhere. Acrobats perform in one area, while patrons sit quietly and listen to storytellers in another. I walk into stall after stall, with my visual sense slightly over powered by the auditory input from the blaring music. The smell of medicinal herbs and spices waif through the air and the aroma never ceases keeping my attention. My mind is on sensory overload trying to decipher all that I see, hear, and smell in this Middle Eastern market.

    There are colors here like I have never seen before, vibrant, deep, rich and so many of them. You could lose yourself for hours here in the Marrakesh market and never see half of what is here for you. Each stall is wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling, full of the seller's goods, sometimes leaving only standing room for the seller himself. I am reminded of artist Loreena McKennitt and her song, "Marrakesh Night Market," "I am struck by the sense of intrigue the environment creates; as much is concealed as is revealed..."

    By nightfall, this same market seems to have morphed into a huge outdoor restaurant. The people of Marrakesh don't seem to need sleep as these booths have already been open for 12 hours and there is no sign of them shutting down now. Charmers have taken home their snakes, and clothing has been folded and set aside for another day. The stalls, under the expansive canopy, are now dimly lit by lanterns and serve bowls of family secret recipes, while locals and guests dance to the Gnawa music. Gnawa is a combination of sub-Saharan and Arabic religious song and dance and has only a few phrases that are repeated throughout the song. This one song can last 20 minutes to several hours while the singer's dance around using large heavy iron castanets known as qraqab's. The music that is played is a beautiful spiritual combination of prayer and celebration of life.

    We start with high quality Arabica beans that have been roasted dark to a velvety standard. Marrakesh Blendâ„¢ is a hearty cup with complex flavors and a surprising spicy after taste that is reminiscent of the spices sold in the market. It is with the Marrakesh spirit that we created this blend to help you... celebrate life.

    A heat sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee. Your coffee will be fresh roasted the day it ships. Enjoy!
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    Additional Information

    Manufacturer CoffeeWishes
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