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Italian Roast Coffee Blend - 1 lb. Bag

Italian Roast Coffee Blend - 1 lb. Bag

Freshly roasted daily to order. 100% Arabica Coffee

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    These beautiful beans glimmer like black diamonds. This intense blend was originally created 10 years ago by our Roastmaster and has been extraordinarily popular in many of the best independent coffee houses around the country. After the beans are removed from the roaster they are dark and are lightly covered with droplets of natural oils that have slowly made their way to the surface of the bean giving the cup a full body. Rich flavors of caramelized sugars and chocolaty undertones envelop the palate. A slight hint of cedar can be picked up in the lingering bold finish. So, why do we Italian roast our Central American and Indonesian beans? Italy is home to coffee culture, the coffee product itself didn't originate here, but the life surrounding coffee did. The Italians certainly know a thing or two about their coffee!

    Our Italian roast is sandwiched somewhere between our caramel espresso roast and our bold French roast. The Italian roast is dark in color and pulls the full-bodied flavor from the Central and Indonesian beans. We refuse to insult your intelligence. Our Italian roast blend doesn't aim to cover up anything...we use high altitude, gourmet beans that vie for attention during the roast. We know you are highly selective when it comes to buying quality coffee and it is our pleasure to always serve you the perfect cup.

    We recognize that Italy has set a standard on their roast and we honor the fact that coffee aficionados would not take lightly to having a less than exceptional blend. There is no better time to try Italian Roast Blend, it is the perfect choice for those that enjoy fine dark coffees. As my Grandmother used to say, "Nelaa vita chi non risica non rosica." Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Try it today!
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    Manufacturer CoffeeWishes
    Product # COF47
    Condition New
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