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Grindmaster PBVSA-430 Dual Airpot & Vacuum Shuttle Coffee Brewer

Grindmaster PBVSA-430 Dual Airpot & Vacuum Shuttle Coffee Brewer

PBVSA-430 Dual Airpot & Vacuum Shuttle Digital Brewer

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Brand Grindmaster
Product Description


    Includes two vacuum insulated, AVS-1.5A Shuttles without stand (VS-S stand sold separately).

    120/240V, 6600W, 28A, 1 Ph
    120/208V, 5000W, 24A, 1 Ph

  1. Model PBVSA-430 is a twin, digitally controlled brewer.
  2. The VS-1.5 Shuttle is a 1.5 gallons (5.7L) Vacuum insulated, stainless steel container. When used with available stand, it is portable and will maintain freshly brewed coffee hot without additional heat.
  3. Bumper guides allow brewer to brew into 3.0L airpots. (Airpots sold separately).
  4. The following brew variables are programmable through the front display: Water temperature, brew volume, pulse brewing sequence, bypass percentage, low temp/no brew.
  5. Precise Brew Temperature - The brewer will hold the brew temperature to +/- 1F during the complete brew cycle.
  6. 3 Brew Volumes – From 1/2 gallon (1.9L) to 1-1/2 gallons (5.7L). Each volume can be set by ‘teach’ mode to eliminate trial-and-error set-up.
  7. Pulse brewing/pre-infusion – Allows the brew sequence to extract up to 20% more dissolved solids per batch of coffee.
  8. Programmable: number of pulses, pulse-on time and pulse-off time. Changing pulse sequence does not affect the brew volume.
  9. Bypass adjustment – For Large and Medium brew volumes, can program up to 33% of the total brew volume to bypass the coffee grounds. Changing the percentage of bypass will not affect the brew volume.
  10. Low Temp/No Brew – Allows the brew cycle to begin only when the water has reached optimum brew temperature. Program On or Off.
  11. Cycle Counter – The brewer counts the total number of brew cycles.
  12. Programming Lockout – The brewer settings can be “locked” to prevent tampering.
  13. Brew Basket Lock – The brew basket(s) are automatically locked in-place throughout the brew cycle.
  14. Independent or simultaneous brewing on twin brewers.
  15. Diagnostics – The front display will indicate any water or heater failures.
  16. Hot Water Faucet – For use in making tea, soup, hot chocolate. Using the faucet will not affect the brew volume.
  17. Warranty - 2 years parts and labor on the brewer. 4 years part warranty on the control board.

    Water Line: 3/8" flare

    Dimensions: 28" H x 20-1/2" W x 18" D
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Grindmaster
    Product # APBVSA-430V2
    Condition New
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