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Grindmaster - AMW 87710E Electric High Speed High Volume Twin 10 Gallon Coffee Urn

Grindmaster - AMW 87710E Electric High Speed High Volume Twin 10 Gallon Coffee Urn

10 Gallons Per Liner (20 Total) Twin Space Saver Urn

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SKU: 87710E
Brand Grindmaster
Product Description


    120/208V / 15.0 kW / 72A / 1Ph

  1. Simultaneous Two Side Brewing
    Water is heated in large water compartment and is sprayed over the grounds by two independently controlled water pumps.
  2. Durable Construction
    All A.I.S.I. type 304, 18-8 stainless steel
  3. Constant Brew Temperature
    Brew temperature varies less than 5F (3C) throughout spray over
  4. Automatic Coffee Agitation
    Thoroughly mixes brewed coffee immediately after spray over is completed
  5. Automatic refill of water compartment
    Water compartment automatically refills and reheats as needed.
  6. Low water cutoff System
    Protects heating elements from burn out, at start-up or in operation.
  7. Velvet Smooth Spray Arm
    Teflon coating on spray arm piston prevents liming and insures smooth operation. Positive "stops" on spray arm for operator ease.

    Easy to operate:
  8. Fully Automatic - Push Button Operation
    Simply load brew basket with coffee, align spray arm over basket lid hole and press brew start button.
  9. Easy Adjustment of spray over rate
    Simple screwdriver adjustment. No awkward changing of parts.
  10. Adjustable Bypass valve on spray arm
    Enables proper coffee extraction even with variable water conditions
  11. Dial Thermometer with color-marked brew zone
  12. Thermostat adjustable from front
    Knob on thermostat has four marked positions: Brew, Hold, Night Standby and Off.
  13. Drain valve in bottom
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Grindmaster
    Product # A87710E
    Condition New
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