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Grindmaster - AMW 77710E Electric Midline Twin 10 Gallon Coffee Pump Urn

Grindmaster - AMW 77710E Electric Midline Twin 10 Gallon Coffee Pump Urn

10 Gallons Per Liner (20 Total) Double Midline Pump Urn

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SKU: 77710E
Brand Grindmaster
Product Description


    120/208V / 11.5 kW / 54A / 1Ph
    120/240V / 15. kW / 63A / 1Ph

  1. Pump Type Brewing System: Water is heated in large water storage compartment. When brew button is activated, hot water is pumped over the coffee grounds through American’s specially designed solid cone spray nozzle thus providing the most uniform extraction possible from the coffee bed.
  2. All A.I.S.I. Type 304 18-8 Stainless Steel Construction
  3. One Button Fool-Proof Operation: Toggle switch selection for half and full batch. Brew time can be changed by adjusting the setting concealed on the front panel. Adjust with screwdriver through front panel. Stop sprayover with one touch.
  4. Automatic Coffee Agitation thoroughly mixes coffee after sprayover stops.
  5. Automatic Refill of Water Compartment assures unlimited supply of hot water, always available.
  6. Closed Chamber Brewing: Prevents escape of coffee vapors. Brews with NSF approved cover on brew basket. Prevents costly steam/moisture loss to atmosphere. Saves energy with savings on air conditioning load.
  7. Special Pinpoint Control Thermostat: Four position temperature selection on thermostat controls. The four temperature controls are Brew (200F), Hold (180F), Night Stand-by (160F) and OFF.
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Grindmaster
    Product # A77710E
    Condition New
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