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Darjeeling Finest Tippy Black Tea - 1/2 lb. Bag

Darjeeling Finest Tippy Black Tea - 1/2 lb. Bag

Loose leaf black tea.
Product Description


    India Dajeeling, Tippy Gold Broken Orange Pekoe (TGBOP) 100% Darjeeling

    Origin: Mirik, Darjeeling, India. This Darjeeling has a distinctly sharp, berry character with good color.

    This fine tea is from the Mim Estate grown in the Darjeeling district of India, nestled in the southern slopes of the Himalaya Mountains at elevations of 6800 feet. From the town center on a clear day the peak of Mount Everest can be seen. Darjeelings are the most precious tea qualities of the world. They possess an exquisite bouquet and flavor and a distinctive "muscat" character almost wine-like in taste in a lovely and light cup.

    Legend has it that a thunderbolt of Lord Indra (the king of heaven in Hindu mythology), struck the earth at Observatory Hill. The Tibetan words, "Dorje", meaning the thunderbolt of Indra and "Ling", a place, form "Dorge-Ling" or "Land Of The Thunderbolt". The planting of tea in the Darjeeling district was swift and dramatic. In 1841 Dr. Campbell planted the first seedlings outside his bungalow in the town of Darjeeling. By 1874, almost 15,000 acres had been cleared and replanted with tea, creating most of the area's current 85 plus gardens. Today the total area under tea is nearly 47,000 acres producing only 3% of the country's total annual output, yet the name Darjeeling is probably one of the most recognized names in all of tea. Darjeeling's preeminence as India's foremost producer of premium quality black teas is due to a unique combination of factors. Higher elevation, soil type, hilly terrain with excellent drainage, weather pattern and age and diversity of bush all lend a hand in helping create a flavor profile which cannot be replicated anywhere else on earth.

    This gourmet black tea is in loose leaf form.
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    Additional Information

    Manufacturer CoffeeWishes
    Product # TEA07
    Condition New
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