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Curtis G3 ALP3GTR63A000 Dual Voltage Coffee Brewer - 3 Lower Right Warmers

Curtis G3 ALP3GTR63A000 Dual Voltage Coffee Brewer - 3 Lower Right Warmers

Dual Voltage Automatic Decanter Brewer - 3 Station, 3 Lower, Right Warmers
Brand Wilbur Curtis
Product Description


    Model ALPHA3GTR63 / ALP3GTR63A000

    Phase: 1PH
    Volts: 120/220V
    Amps: 15.0/15.0A
    Heating Config: 2x1450W
    Wire: 2/3W+G
    Watts: 1800/3300W
    Hertz: 50/60Hz
    Gallons/Hr: 4.0/9.0

    Decanters sold separately.

    Curtis G3 Coffee Brewing Systems are years ahead. These new G3 Systems share many of the proven designs of the Alpha platform, but deliver greater precision, more advanced control, quality enhancing features and profit potential than other brewers on the market today.

    At the center of the new G3 system is its unique Universal Control Module – UCM. This brewing “brain” is completely encapsulated in a high-tech polymer case, protecting it from harmful heat, moisture and impact which could damage earlier systems. G3 Systems feature an oversized irradiant LCD display and intuitive graphic interface front panel. Combined, they make the G3’s “scroll-through” programming incredibly easy. Of course, there’s no need to adjust the system, should you opt for Curtis’ pre-programmed factory settings. Just supply a level counter, power and water, and you’re ready to brew.

    Curtis G3 Systems include a host of new standard features including digital temperature control, brew-by-volume control, pre-infusion and pulse brew technology, preventative maintenance alert system, cold water brew lock-out, quality timers, and much more. Each feature has been incorporated to provide the ultimate in the tuning and extraction of coffee flavor and brewing excellence. The result, coffee which keeps customers – and profits – coming back for more.

  1. Capacity: 12 cups (64 oz.)
  2. Volume: 5 gallons/hour
  3. G3 ADS Digital Control Module (G3/ADS) – Encapsulated in high-tech polymer. Impervious to heat, steam and moisture. Provides precise control over all critical functions.
  4. Factory Set – For out-of-the-box operation.
  5. Curtis’ Exclusive G3 3-Year Warranty – Provides 3 full years of protection on the digital control components.
  6. Intuitive Scroll-Through Precision Programming – Large, brightly lighted display communicates functions at a glance. Easily adjust time, volume, temperature, brew functions and more.
  7. Tamper Resistant – Changeable access code prevents unauthorized adjustment.
  8. Easy-to-Operate – Simple graphic design with color-coded buttons for all operating functions.
  9. Saves Operating Costs – Energy save mode automatically reduces energy consumption when brewer is idle.
  10. On-Board Self Diagnostics – G3 continually senses proper brewing operation. A Service Phone Number and error code will be displayed in the rare event technical assistance is required... reducing downtime.
  11. Programmable Display Banner – Can be set to display your operation’s name and message.
  12. Integral Quality Timer & Automatic Warmer Shut-Off – Keeps coffee quality at its peak.
  13. Built-In Fine Tuning Brewing Modes – Pre-infusion or pulse brew enhances extraction of gourmet coffee flavor. Cold water brew lock-out prevents brewing when water temperature is below set level.
  14. Dual-Voltage 120/220V Operation – Makes installation quick and simple.

    Dimensions: 17.125" H x 15.875" W x 16.5" D
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Curtis
    Product # ALP3GTR63A000
    Condition New
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