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Compak E5 Essential On Demand Espresso Grinder - Black

Compak E5 Essential On Demand Espresso Grinder - Black

Compak E5 Essential On Demand Espresso Grinder - Black
SKU: 58T362
Brand Compak
Product Description


    Motor - 650W to 1700RPM
    Powerful motor that allows you to work continuously in situations of high demand, maintaining all the properties of the coffee thanks to the cold grinding at low revolutions.

    58 mm Flat Burrs
    Ensures accurate particle size for Espresso and spectacular productivity: 7 gr in 2.5 seconds. Special pre-wear treatment is applied to ensure optimal performance from the first use. Durability of 400 Kg.

    LCD Display
    Changing burrs alarm
    3 modes - Pre-selection - Automatic - Instant
    Refill Button
    Absolute and relative coffees counting
    Activate pad and end of service sound

    Continuous Micrometric Adjustment System Parallel
    Set the grind point with maximum precision in a very simple and intuitive way. The new Parallel locking system provides an extra level of security ensuring parallel positioning between burrs at all times.

    Accurate Dosing. Time per Dose: 2.5 Sec = 7 Gr Espresso
    Calculated time to the grind point for a cup of Espresso coffee 25 ml in 25 seconds. With 7 grams of coffee.

    Adjustable Porta-Fork Height, Universal Clamp and Holder
    Perfect fit for the most common portafilter sizes, which also allows for hands-free usage.

    Key Featuers:
  1. "Parallel System" grind regulator lock
  2. 1 or 2 On-Demand ground coffees
  3. Touch control screen
  4. Motor with fan
  5. Three positions switch with by-pass
  6. Universal adjustable height porta filter holder

    Electronic Features:
  7. Multilanguage Display
  8. 3 Modes: Pre-selection - Automatic - Instant
  9. Protection menu access by Password
  10. Total and Partial shot counter
  11. Notice of change of Burrs
  12. Date and time
  13. Quantity lock configurable by weight ground

  14. Motor power: 650w
  15. RPM: 1700
  16. Voltage: 110V/ 60 Hz
  17. Grinding disc: 2.28in/ 58mm
  18. Production: 9 lb/hr
  19. Time per dose: 2.7 Sec.
  20. Hopper capacity: 1.76 lbs
  21. Weight: 13.44 lbs.
  22. Color: Matte Black

    Dimensions: 19.48" H x 6.29" W x 14.76" D
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Compak
    Product # 58T362
    Condition New
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