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Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Black Tea - 1/2 lb. Bag

Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Black Tea - 1/2 lb. Bag

Loose leaf black tea.
Product Description


    This tea originates from Galle, Sri Lanka and is a typical low-grown black Ceylon tea. Ceylon got its name from its country of origin until the name of the country changed to Sri Lanka in 1972.

    Grown in the southwest Galle district, this tea can be produced almost year round. The average growing elevation for this tea is 1,000 feet and below, the low temperature climate and generous level of humidity provide for an ideal atmosphere for high quality tea to be grown.

    It is labeled a BOP but because of the larger size and slight curl to the leaf, it's technically pekoe. This most precious orange pekoe tea is grown in the western areas of the island of Ceylon. Known throughout the world, Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe tea has not only a crisp aroma and strong body, but it also has medicinal benefits ranging from healthy skin, teeth, and bones. This tea has also been shown lower cholesterol therefore increasing heart health.

    Sri Lanka is the world's third largest producer of tea, and actually was the worlds leading exporter until it was recently passed by Kenya. Perfect for an everyday tea, Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe has just a touch of citrus essence to bring a little sunshine into your day.

    Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea is in loose-leaf form.
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer CoffeeWishes
    Product # TEA02
    Condition New
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