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Brazil Santos Gourmet Coffee - 1 lb. Bag

Brazil Santos Gourmet Coffee - 1 lb. Bag

Santos yields a low acidic, light-bodied brew. The coffee has been dried prior to being removed from the fruit so the sweetness of the fruit is gently carried over into the flavor of the bean. You will experience a pleasant aroma and a mild, smooth flavor in this light roast premium South American coffee.

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    Brazil is one of the few countries that have weather perfect enough to successfully use the dry (natural) method of processing its beans. This means that the coffees are dried prior to being removed from the cherry. When coffee is dried inside the fruit, as most classic Brazil coffees are, the sweetness of the fruit will carry over into the perfect cup of coffee. Using the dry method, coffee will be heavy, sweet, and complex. This drying method is very complicated, with longer drying times and the risk of fermentation, but it also showcases the reason Brazil is a world leader in this area.

    Brazils hot, humid climate lends itself to be the perfect place to grow coffee. Producing less acidic beans is the direct result of lower elevation than most coffee growing areas. That being said, it is hard to believe that the coffee tree is not native to Brazil.

    In 1727 the Emperor of Brazil, looking to cut into the market, went to France with the intent of bringing back seeds to start a coffee farm. France felt strongly about safeguarding their money-making seeds and the Emperor was sent home. It was later found that while he was in France and was able to successfully seduce the French Governors wife enough so that when he got home, she sent him a bouquet of flowers. Buried inside that bouquet were enough shoots and seeds to start what is now Brazils billion dollar coffee empire.

    It's hard to believe with Brazil being the world's leader in coffee production, that 71% of the farms are less than 10 acres each. Each farm is unique, and has its own little specialty, but the standard throughout Brazil remains the same. The bar has been set by Brazil having one of the most advanced and well-cared-for processing systems in the coffee industry.

    We will fresh roast and ship your coffee in a heat-sealed valve bag the day you place your order. Now that's fresh!
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